People’s Utility District

The best option for PGE workers

The days of a local, independently owned Portland General Electric are no more. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Enron, PGE no longer controls its own future and will soon be auctioned off in federal bankruptcy court.

A People’s Utility District is the best way out of this mess for PGE workers as well as ratepayers because it means:

Stability for PGE workers

Of all the plans on the table, a PUD is the only option that guarantees existing union contracts and wages will be honored. Under state law (ORS 261.345) a PUD which acquires investor-owned utility property must:

Neither the proposed Willamette Valley Power (WVP), nor the City of Portland would have to meet these requirements. In fact, both WVP and the City of Portland have strongly indicated that they will “outsource” the operation of the electric utility to the private sector should their plans prevail.

Employees would be eligible for PERS

Under a PUD, Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) will become an option for PGE workers. Among the best public retirement plans in the country, PERS will be a significant improvement for most PGE employees over their now depleted 401ks.

Lower electricity rates under a PUD

Workers can elect their own bosses

A PUD is run by a board of five directors, elected by district. Workers can ensure that we have a progressive, pro-union Board through solidarity and political campaigning. With the WVP and City of Portland options we will not have that choice.

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OPPC salutes all workers on Labor Day 2002

Public Power and the citizens of the Northwest pay special tribute to the many trades and crafts who built the dams in the Northwest, and the crews who have kept the lights on through storms and floods.

Oregon Public Power Coalition

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