Oregon Public Power Coalition

Public Power: Good for Business

"These rates, and they are very high rates, are sucking the life out of the local economy."

 Ken Canon, Executive Director, Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities, on PGE/Enron rates.

Business Suffers In a Volatile Power Market

Small businesses - without the profit margin to absorb higher rates - get hit first and hardest.

It's impossible to stay ahead of spiking rates in manipulated markets.

The volatility that devastated Oregon's economy would not have occurred if PGE had been

in the hands of ratepayers instead of in Enron's.

Electric rates affect the costs of everything we buy, from apples to airplanes.

When business suffers, we all suffer.

Electric Utilities Are Different From Other Businesses

Utilities are monopolies. They are guaranteed a profit!

Businesses can't choose a power company.

Ratepayers acquire utility assets through our rates. When they are sold, we pay for them again!

You wouldn't pay for equipment to be used by another company, and then buy it again for twice

its value when the first company went belly up and was replaced by another.

Making PGE public is not stealing private assets. We're just claiming what we've paid for.

That's just plain good business!

People's Utility Districts Protect Business Interests

A PUD pays the depreciated book value of PGE (just compensation) under eminent domain,

not whatever the market will bear. This can save up to several billion dollars.

A PUD replaces the Public Utility Commission's ineffectual oversight with a board of directors

elected by the ratepayers. They'll have our local interests at heart.

A PUD is run by the excellent front line employees who handle the day-to-day functions of PGE

right now. What's missing? The huge money top management has been getting.

PGE workers and the communities in PGE's service area have lost 100s of millions of dollars. This doesn't happen with PUDs.

Public Power Is In All Our Interests

We can protect our businesses and our families far into the future by securing this vital resource.

During the recent nightmare in California, the only ratepayers who did not suffer rolling blackouts were those served by public power. Public power makes sense for business. Privately held power is a gamble - we've already lost at the table once, why would we go there again?

Join us. Let's create public power and bring utility costs under control.