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We need your help! Please complete this form if you're interested in volunteering in support of Portland General Electric becoming a publicly owned utility. Use this form also for questions or comments.

I would like to volunteer.


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Please check the items you're interested in doing. Check more than one box if you'd like.

I will do tabling at events
I will do event organizing
I can do fundraising
I will write letters (media and others)
I will work on issues (specify below)
I volunteer to (specify below)
I will do leafletting
I will do door-to-door outreach
I can do office work
I can do literature/graphic design
I will locate endorsers for the effort
I can maintain the Web site

Comments or Questions:

Thank you for your support. We look forward to talking with you. Please click the submit button to send your form.

Oregon Public Power Coalition (OPPC)


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